Lon and I danced up an appetite by going to the open house at Dance Chelsea for the free lesson. We learned the basic steps for American Tango and Swing. We’ll probably try out 1 or 2 more schools and then decide on a place for lessons.

By the time we were done – 9:30, we were starving! We hopped a cab and headed over to Indian Row where people stand outside and try to pull you into the restaurants just like in Little Italy. We walked into the restaurant Lon’s friend Justin suggested – Raj Mahal. There’s 2 musician sitting at the door playing and the friendly wait staff is ready for you. We loved our waiter from beginning to end!

As most Indian restaurants, papadum and some sauces are placed on the table. Their green sauce is better than most. We were so hungry and of course ordered so much food! A very thick, slightly creamy tomato soup came out first. I didn’t care for it that much but Lon enjoyed it. We both loved the samosa and pakora though. Not too greasy, perfect temperature and textures, with abundant flavor. I think we got the Keema Naan next which is a ground meat filled Naan. I was in heaven. The hot, soft, puffy bread, straight out of their oven. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm!Lon also ordered a really good banana lassi.

OK, now entrees……the shrimp Saag (creamy spinach sauce) was so good that I ordered some Paratha towards the end of the meal just so I could eat more of the sauce. Well that, and I love Indian bread so I just wanted the buttery layered bread. The tandoori Salmon is unreal! It was cooked so perfectly and looked gorgeous! The flavor was so intense and seemed cured and smoked yet I’m not sure if it was really either. The seafood curry was good but not as good as the rest of the stuff and everything came with the standard basmati rice and there was also a lentil sauce that I didn’t really use because it was kind of bland.

Our friendly waiter checked in with us regularly and after we licked the plates clean, he brought out the complimentary dessert. It was a mango, coconut, egg custard. Both of us liked the flavor but would’ve preferred it without the strands of coconut in it.

Overall, we’d both highly recommend this restaurant. It was totally enjoyable and after tax and tip would be about $20 per person if you eat as much as we do.

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