Yes, Finally! Several years ago, I was in the HBO cafeteria, eating with a friend who works there. The caf. is kind enough to have a great selection of condiments including the not common enough Tabasco. It also had the best pepper mill I had ever used. After a spot of research, I discovered it was a Trudeau pepper mill, specifically the 12-inch Century model. I ran, not walked, to purchase one. I loved every second of its ceramic grinding stone, easy to grip design, and felt padding softening the sound each time I put it on my granite counter top.

Eventually, when I emptied my kitchen, I gave the wonder mill to my mom, who had the crappiest pepper mill available, which she still refuses to throw out. In a straight-out search for a new pepper mill, I checked my local restaurant supply stores and they had, oddly, never heard of Trudeau.

I found the mill on Amazon. I selected the Trudeau Alero Pepper Mill, because it better matched our new kitchen. It finally showed up today, and I’m so happy I had to share the thrill.

As an aside, previously Jessica and I relied on a Pepper Mills Imports’ #226, it’s a one-handed thumb pump unit. Guests constantly ask us about this particular tool, because of its functionality and design. Jess picked it up at a food show, where it was not actually on sale (long story). It’s $32 in PMI’s store. It’s a great table item. If you’d rather save a few dollars, there is an almost identical mill from Vic Firth for $12 less.

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