It’s finally nice out! Lon and I took Ice, our Jack Russell, for a stroll down to the Village to try that new place Yolato. Their concept is a frozen yogurt based gelato, offering the health benefits of yogurt and the taste of gelato. Well, I have to say that I’m pretty disappointed!

First of all, I think it’s decieving that they have a case of different flavors of gelato on display as the most prominent item. I went in assuming that was the yolato. Right before ordering, I decided to double check…all of these are yolato? The girl replies “no, they’re all gelato” and points to a soft serve machine behind her. That is the yolato. So I ask what flavor does that come in? “Only plain.” OK, since I came to try yolato, I might as well try it so I ordered one for myself and the birthday cake flavored gelato for Lon (which he thought was below average).

Here’s my second complaint: It does not taste anything like gelato. The most accurate way to describe it would be a yogurt flavored icy because it’s not creamy. Lon hated it and I liked it enough to eat it, but probably won’t go to buy it again.

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