From the outside looking in, Le Rendez-Vous Cafe Le Rendez-Vous Cafelooks like a pizza joint with a bar on the side. When you get to the back, it turns into a Middle Eastern theme. The menu includes a mix of Italian (wierd) and Middle Eastern foods and Hookah.

The 5 of us decided to split 3 appetizers. The hummus tasted like tahini with very little chickpea. The Babaganoush did not look or taste like Babaganoush and that’s because it had large chunks of onions and peppers in it. The tabouli didn’t actually have any bulgur (a primary ingredient) in it. The pita was dry, crappy pita.

As main courses, we all got platters of either chicken, beef, shawarma, or lamb kebabs. They all come on top of rice that tastes like Uncle Ben’s and a large salad with Italian dressing from a bottle. The salad is fresh though. As for the meat, I can only speak for my chicken and Lon’s Shawarma. My chicken was so over-cooked, burnt, dry, and almost inedible. Lon’s shawarma didn’t taste like anything. Lon also added a plate of falafels which were super fried into very crunchy jet black balls.

Aside from the food already being pretty terrible, Janny’s plate didn’t arrive till we were half way done eating. This is the kind of place that makes me nervous about trying new places.

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