Last night we hunted for our dinner. Unfortunately, the hunt didn’t take place with spears in hand, through the forest; but rather with Vindigo (a foodie must-have) in hand, through the murky streets of Chinatown. Along for the hunt were our new friends Kate & Jesse. Jessica and I remember a wonderful place where we had eaten with her family and longed to return. We couldn’t remember the name or the address, but knew they had great soup dumplings, a crappy-looking entrance way, and a bridge inside (which is not visible from the street). None of these are remotely helpful data.

After not too long our “Toucan Sam” noses led the way and we found it, New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe. We waited for five minutes and then were seated in the front section. We ordered quickly: Soup Dumplings, Sautée­­d Japanese Eggplant, Salt & Pepper Pork Chops, Steamed Whole Fish, and Sautée­­d Crab with Rice Cakes & Edamamé.

The eggplant arrived first, it was perfectly cooked with a brown sauce that was tangy from ginger and delicious. Shortly afterwards the pork arrived and then the Soup Dumplings. The pork chops were cooked correctly, grilled and then fried, topped with salt, pepper, and shredded scallions and chili peppers. They were nothing special, but delicious nonetheless. The soup dumplings were the star of the show. The four of us gobbled them up and smiled the whole way.

Finally the whole fish came and was good– we weren’t sure but they looked like two whole Perch, dressed in a gingery, brown sauce with mushrooms. I threw my mushrooms onto Jess’ plate and dived in. The fish was good, but also nothing amazing. The only real disappointment at our meal was the crab. Upon initial delivery, the crab dish was served sans rice cakes (a.k.a. nian gao)! Now we love our rice cakes, so we sent it back and a few minutes later it re-appeared. There was not much rice, and it was all stuck together, and the crab was not meaty and very difficult to eat. We’ve had that dish at New Yeah before, when it was delicious, so this might just be off season, or bad luck.

If you’re looking for the best soup dumplings, head over to Bayard Street and visit New Yeah. You’ll thank us for it!

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