Lon has been telling me about Zeytuna Market Zeytuna Market for a while so we decided to go there for lunch. They have a nice outdoor seating area where half is for table service and half is seating for anyone purchasing food inside. They also have seating downstairs where they have a buffet of prepared foods, kebabs, sushi, pastas, etc. I couldn’t tell you if it tastes good because it’s a madhouse during lunch so I squeezed my way out and opted for the deli upstairs. Lon had a sandwich with hickory smoked ham, salami, mayo, lettuce and tomato, and black pepper on a Portuguese roll. I ordered the grilled chicken with lettuce, tomato, and mustard on a multi-grain hero. All of the ingredients were super fresh (meat sliced to order) which is no surprise when you watch the traffic coming through. I was impressed with the moist grilled chicken and the delicious mustard they used taking the sandwich just a step above the rest of the delis I’ve been going to for lunch.

The price is comparable to any other deli in the area but Zeytuna Market’s sandwiches have a gourmet flair and you can enjoy outdoor seating. The only problem is that it’s not close enough to my office to go more frequently for lunch.

They also have a nice market with a wide variety of vinegars and oils, so we conveniently did some shopping too. We picked up a tomato vinegar by Mutti, something neither of us had ever tried. Unfortunately, neither of us liked it. Lon also got a bottle of Pinzimolio Olive Oil, which he likes, but I didn’t find special.

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