I have the best bridesmaids in the world. They rented a massive gorgeous house in Brigantine, New Jersey, so that we could have a weekend long celebration. We arrived later than expected on Friday because a mapquest print-out and a GPS couldn’t help a car full of girls with no sense of direction.

Our plan was to make dinner in the house on Friday night and Brunch on Saturday. The kitchen was huge with two sinks, and pretty well stocked. My only complaint was that the range/oven was really weak. The broiler wasn’t able to get any crispy charring on the T-bone steaks and it took a long time just to melt the Fontina on our bread covered in caramelized onions. We also made salmon, sauteed asparagus, tomato and buffalo mozzarella, all easy preparations since we didn’t know what the kitchen would be like. We got tons of snacks, guacamole, salsa, red pepper hummus, veggies and Tostitos Scoops, cookies, chocolates, and fruits. After dinner, we played some games that Kasi created. One of the games included drinking white wine every time I got an answer wrong. At least it was a bottle of Mondavi Chardonnay, which I like.

Saturday Breakfast/brunch ran from around 8am-12noon, as people trickled in to the kitchen. We made several different types of omelets, roasted fingerling potatoes, scrambled eggs, and had those great Costco croissants. We also celebrated Angela’s birthday with Strawberry and Blueberry Tarts. All these pictures (dinner and lunch) are on my friend Sarah’s Flickr page. You’re in for a treat because she takes way better photos than I do.

After eating, we made it out for some outlet shopping. Let’s just say we (13 girls) cleaned out BCBG and Coach, and then needed to make a mad dash home to get ready for our dinner reservations at Sonsie. With the exception of a fire drill during dinner, it went smoothly. We headed on to a private members lounge at Showboat that Alex (Tammy’s boyfriend) got us access to. We had two bottles of champagne there, and Olivia and Kasi performed their dares. Olivia had to pull out some guy’s chest hair and Kasi had to ask a guy to write down how big it is. LOL

Next we headed to Mixx at Borgata and partied until about 4am. (I can’t show you these pics because my girls will kill me.) We got invited to join a bachelor party and more girls performed their dares. i.e. Winnie asked a guy for sex tips. haha I was certainly drunk by the end and attempted to stay awake long enough to eat at Metropolitan but ended up just riding home with the first group and eating grapes and croissants at the house. The next morning (really only a few hours later), we packed and then headed to Borgata Buffet, finished some more shopping, and then drove home. This time, we didn’t get lost.
It was an incredible weekend thanks to Monica, Angela, Angie, Kasi, Olivia, Rachel, Sara, Sarah, Sheryl, Tammy, Winnie, and Xiu. Thank You so much! I love you!

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