I posted recently about how much my expensive Blue Star sucks so I wanted to update you on the developments. The repair guys just replaced the electronic igniter in the oven which cost me $475. Ridiculous for an oven less than two years old, but I had no choice. I need a working oven right? Let this be a warning though. I spoke to the repair guys and they said high end ovens/ranges like Blue Star, Viking, etc are generally unreliable. He repairs relatively new ones all the time. GE and Kenmore, the regular home lines, last much longer. I had a GE Profile in my last apartment and I never had a problem. Next time, I’m buying the GE again.

I can’t express how disturbed I am by the fact that Blue Star has to know about their fail rate and continues to sell their ranges at super high premiums and are not doing anything about the construction of their products.

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