Since the first time I posted about Hamachi Hamachi about two years ago (before Foodmayhem), I have returned several times, and they have slowly declined in my eyes. They were never amazing but a good bang-for-you-buck kind of place. After a while, the sashimi platters started getting a little sloppy and fish was sometimes tendonous. I would meet with friends for lunch there feeling like it was just ok because they had cheap and filling lunch specials.

Today, I ordered-in (because I’m still sick) a Yosenabe. It will likely be my last act of patronage to Hamachi. The decision is long overdue. The soup base was boring, tasting mostly like cabbage. The piece of salmon was fishy. The bland white fish and chicken was skimpy and there was no clam although written in the menu description.

I finished lunch feeling like I have felt this disappointment at Hamachi before so I need to document this to remind myself that I don’t want to go again. We eat at so many places, that I often read my own blog, just to remember what my experience was.

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