I’ve mentioned Je’bon before, very briefly, and we liked it enough to try again. Of course, we’re still ordering-in because I’m sick, so I haven’t actually seen the restaurant yet. After reading several positive reviews on menupages about their signature dish, Je’bon, I definitely wanted to try it. It is a seafood noodle soup, packed with seafood (really large shrimp), a light fish broth, and very interesting noodles made with fish. The noodles maintained the chewiness that we love in flour noodles, yet added another dimension by tasting like fish.

We also ordered the Aberdeen Noodles, also packed with nicely cooked seafood. You can’t see the squid, fish cake (Lon loved), and shrimp on this pictures but it was also pretty generous.

We threw in a House Roll (tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado, topped with tobiko), which was standard.

Je’bon isn’t amazing, but it’s a good stand-by, considering the portion to price factor and the price range suits delivery food. They have lots of interesting dishes that I don’t see elsewhere so it’s good for when you’re bored of the standard Pan-Asian menu. I will probably order from them again.

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