My friend Sarah, cleverly titled a post on her blog, Fast-food Beer Goggles. It made me laugh when I read it because I instantly knew what she was talking about. I don’t need to explain right?

I don’t have a funny name for why Saltine Crackers suddenly taste so good when you’re sick (yes, I think I’m sick again) but I think it has to do with not being able to taste anything but salt. I find myself lying on my couch making a giant mess of crumbs, while savoring saltines like they are fine pastry. A skimpy can of chicken noodle soup with mushy stuff in it, also becomes a delicacy, preferable to a good home-made soup packed with meat and veggies because your body is just repulsed by protein, fat, fiber, and anything nutritious. The warm salty liquid is also soothing to a sore throat.

What’s your sick food?

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