Waldy’s Wood Fired Pizza & Penne Waldy’s Wood Fired Pizza & Penne is what you get when you attempt to turn thin crust pizza into fast food. The prices are lower than the other thin-crust, sold-by-the-pie joints, in return for busing your own tables and a lower quality of food.

We tried the Classic Margherita which was uninteresting in flavor. The dough is crispy but has zero elasticity, which basically makes it a cracker with sauce and cheese.

The Braised Lamb, Roasted Lemon & Oregano Pizza was more interesting (because I’ve never had lamb on pizza before) but not appealing enough to come back for. Again, the dough is the real put-off, hard flat, cracker bread.

They also have Wood Roasted Penne’s that they call Mac & Cheese. We chose Sausage & Broccoli Rabe which was served in a container that made it look like a frozen dinner. Although there is cheese on top, it doesn’t really classify as a Mac & Cheese for us. It was crumbled sausage with pieces of broccoli rabe, in a very wet sauce. You can see the watery stuff pooling on the bottom. The penne was nice and al dente but as a whole, it only tasted a bit better than it looked which, as I mentioned, was like a frozen dinner (or airplane food according to Lon).

The worst part of the meal was the Garlic and Salt Roll for 75 cents. We wouldn’t eat this if it was given for free. It was one of those mediocre dry rolls you get at a bad catering hall, with some garlic powder sprinkled on top.

The meal was cheap so I’m not going to complain too much but I have no interest in coming back.

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