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Last night, we sampled quite a few items from our Despana basket. With some bread and olive oil, nibbling on meats and cheese is my idea of a fun evening. The Campofrio Chorizo Espanol was amazing. You could really taste and smell the smoky paprika in the perfect balance of not too salty and not too sweet. The texture was like a fabulous soft salami, chewy but easy to bite through. I ate some pieces alone and some between bread, loving both methods.

Chorizo espanol

The Campofrio Lomo Espanol had the flavor of a nicely cured pork, but it was a bit hard. (It was rested room temperature before eating.)
Lomo espanol

The Don Alonso Manchego had a fairly standard flavor, but a little gritty in texture. (It was rested room temperature before eating.)

I served the Morcilla (which we’ve had before) over blanched asparagus and Lon raved about the combination. The Morcilla reminds me a little of Chinese sausages. The flavor is different but they are both a bit sweeter and have so much flavor, they can carry any dish. At your next party, forget cocktail wieners, try Morcilla!
Morcill and Asparagus

Since Lon and I always want as much variety as possible, I did make a few other things: my Spicy Baba Ganouj, Feta Cucumber Dip (from The Ultimate Diabetes Cookbook by Carol Gelles), and some farmer’s market tomatoes with hand torn basil and aged balsamic.
Feta cucumber Dip
Tomato Basil

Top this off with some bread and olive oil – good times!
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