BCD Tofu House BCD Tofu House, a chain from California, has opened a place in NYC, in K-town. I did eat at one in LA but that was about 15 years ago so I really don’t remember much. I had high hopes though, which were soon brought down a notch.

Starting with the panchan, they didn’t look all that exciting. The kimchee was decent, the kind that leans towards more sweet. The bean sprouts looked like they’ve been sitting around a while and for the first time, no one asked for more panchan. (Most aren’t even worth describing.)

Pachan pachan 2

The seafood pancake was pretty good, freshly made, served hot, crisp to the bite and tender inside. I liked the heavy dose of scallion.
seafood pancake

We ordered two barbecue meats, Kalbi and Pork Tenderloin, so that we could grill it at the table. (This two order minimum is pretty common.) Both were good. How bad can Korean barbecue meat be? The portions were pretty small though.
Korean bbq

The Octopus was terribly chewy and while the thin noodles were gobbled up, 75% of the octopus remained uneaten.

Somehow, we forgot to take pictures of the Soon Dubu or Tofu Soup. I know! I know! That’s what we were there for, but, they weren’t that great. We ordered one seafood and one beef. They weren’t bad but they were on the watery side.

Overall, it’s ok. Considering the price of $24 per person (including tax and tip), I can’t complain too much, but I won’t be going again either.

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