Yesterday, I saw some grilled pork loin in the fridge (it’s great having a chef wife) and got a hankering for a Vietnamese Sandwich. So as a second lunch today (the first was leftover Oxtail Soup) I started slicing.

Vietnamese Sandwich Vegetables

I julienned carrots and green cabbage, dumping them, along with some chiffonade of cilantro and scallion, into a bowl. I added sugar, kosher salt, black pepper, vinegar, and water to cover the veggies. I left it for about an hour.

Vietnamese Sandwich Pork

Afterward, I drained the liquid out of the veggies. Then french cut the pork, adding it along with some mayo, hot sauce, and extra virgin olive oil to the veg — tossing the whole thing together. That sat while I toasted a ciabatta roll.

The resulting sandwich was beautiful and delicious. Next time I think I may add more vinegar.

Vietnamese Sandwich
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