We watched Episode 12 of Top Chef last night (spoilers coming). To say the least, we’re not crazy about this season of the show, although we still watch it — we love the cooking.

If you recall, after the first episode in November I made some predictions about the results. A month into the show, Emily, our friend and reader, suggested that I underestimated the women; and today pointed out that I definitely under estimated Carla. I figured it was worth checking the numbers, so here they are:

Contestant Prediction Actual Delta
Alex 5 4 1
Ariane 4 8 -4
Carla 2 final
Danny 9 5 4
Fabio 8 final
Eugene final 7 6
Hosea 12 final
Jamie 13 11 2
Jeff 10 10 0
Jill 7 2 5
Lauren 1 1
Leah final 12 1
Melissa 6 7 -1
Patrick 1 1
Radhika 3 9 -6
Richard 11 3 8
Stefan winner final
Absolute Avg. 3.45
Avg. 1.45
Male Avg. 3.8
Female Avg. -0.5

There are a couple of ways to interpret these results. Here’s my interpretation. It looks like I definitely over-estimate the men, on average they were kicked off 3.8 episodes earlier than expected. But it was a mixed bag with the women, the major outliers were Radhika and Jill. Jill was kicked off much earlier than I expected and Radhika much later.

I’m not upset about Jill, as I originally said, I took a random guess with her. But Radhika is a different story. Both her and Carla fit Carla’s description of the tortoise in the race. They were bland and boring, and didn’t belong in a “TOP” Chef competition. The fact that Carla has made it into the finale makes me ill. She seems like a sweet, good-intentioned person, who is probably a fine cook. But in no way on earth does the person who hides behind the same pastry dish on three episodes belong in the finale.

Also, I did respond in December that I had underestimated Radhika, but continued my prediction that she would be off soon enough, and she was kicked off, two episodes after my comment. There were other issues as well. Episode six didn’t see anyone leave the show, due to some technical issues. And they accepted four contestants into the finale this year.

At the end of the day, we enjoy watching cooking, but remind ourselves that this show is heavily produced and there’s a lot of influence during the judging to keep the show interesting. Oh well. (p.s. I’m sticking with Stefan as the winner)

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